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The Perfect Thread: Blendables Offer Something For All

Go for extraordinary with a versatile thread made for quilting, topstitching, serging and embroidery!

Sulky Blendable thread offers the ability to sew with subtle color changes in every stitch.  More extreme color changes are also available in a 30 weight and 12 weight spool.

Why Blendable Thread?

Blendable thread simplifies the crafting process by offering a single solution for multiple needs.  This 100% cotton thread is available in 12 weight (thickest) and 30 weight gauge,

Having a thread that can adapt to different projects Gives you the opportunity to explore with color.  Express yourself by using a thread that is fun and exciting!

Versatility Across Crafting Disciplines: 

  • Quilting:  Blendable thread enhances quilt designs, providing seamless transitions between  fabric colors and stitches. This also helps hide an inconsistent stitch length when you are free-motion quilting!
  • Sergers :  See the advantages of using Blendable thread for garment and home dec projests, such as using using the 12 weight version in the loopers for dramatic  rolled hem edge 
  • Sewing:   Blendable thread adds depth and sophistication to home decor projects like curtains, pillows, and table linens.,  It can give plain topstitching an interesting appearance when used on prints, seemingly melting into the fabric.
  • Embroidery:   For abstract embroidery work use a 30 weight  Blendable, allowing for seamless shading and blending.  Use it in an in-the-hoop needle work project where you want to create a hand stitched appearance, such as cross stitch.

So when you are looking to add some changes to a project and want to put your stamp on it, give a Blendable a try.  You may want to experiment with more than just one.  Happy Sewing💗!

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